How to Be Sleepy at Night


sleepy-at-nightThere are simple techniques to contribute to how to be sleepy at night and relax. A lot of people endure sleep deprivation symptoms in their lives due to some reasons but usually being unable to sleep. Lack of sleep can be treated with a few home product that helps people de-stress and get a better night’s rest.
Having been through my fair share of sleep related issues over the years, I thought I would submit my story to this website to help others who are maybe suffering such matters.
I have always been an anxious individual with an addictive personality. My focus on life is a success, and I am always thinking about work, money, and progression. As a result of my nature, I have struggled with the inability to be sleepy at night over the years due to having such a busy mind. I am always taking on new ventures in life alongside my full-time job, and these are often extremely time-consuming and mentally exhausting. I went through a period in my life where I was trying to start up a side project and was working all the extra hours I could spare. My friends told me I was a workaholic and could do with some leisure time. They could see the impact that the lack of sleep was having on my personality and how the sleep deprivation symptoms could be damaging my health, but I just did not know how to fall asleep and be sleepy at night when there were urgent deadlines and tasks to be done.

I was working all hours, even till midnight then getting into bed and finding myself just lying there thinking about work. I was suffering such lack of sleep that I was regularly falling out with my wife and I needed to de-stress.
One night I asked my wife how to be sleepy at night as she seemed to be a professional sleeper. I opened up to her about how I feel the need to succeed to avoid a let down from my family and she reassured me that I was a success as it was and that the new business venture I was working on in the evening was not worth risking my health for by giving me such sleep deprivation symptoms. She was asking me if she wanted me to see a sleep specialist for therapy on how to fall asleep and divert my focus a bit from work.
After a lengthy talk, I agreed that councilling to help my work addiction would be best, and we hired someone to help with the new business. This significantly took the stress away from me, and I went to a sleep therapist for advice on ways to relax and be sleepy at bedtime which was helpful. I joined the local Golf Club which also helped me divert my focus a little and find a new interest.
Durin my lowest point my exhaustion I had a constant headache, emotionally drained most of the time, lost interest in my love life and sometimes I was too tired to make an effort with my friends or for family events. The effects of my sleep troubles also caused me suffering depression and anxiety at one point. I have learned that this was sensed by people close to me and I am truly sorry for putting them through that!
I am pleased to say that the new business is now up and running and a huge success, even so, that I have two employees running it full time. I have solved my sleep troubles thanks to the therapist training me how to fall asleep and to my wife teaching me her tricks on how to be sleepy at night.
My tips for reducing sleep deprivation symptoms and knowing how to be sleepy at night are.

1. Take up a sport or hobby. This helps you to focus on other things and distract you from those that are causing you to have a lack of sleep
2. Stop doing mentally strenuous activities at least four hours before bedtime to help you relax and to be sleepy at night
3. Spend quality time with loved ones and allow them to help you. This can sometimes be difficult if you are like me and have high pride but the quality advice from my wife helped me cure my sleep deprivation and learn how to fall asleep quickly
4. If you feel stressed from the day at work and you know that you are going to suffer a lack of sleep that night then have a hot shower and maybe a glass of wine.
5. If you still feel restless by bedtime, then the activity that helps me how to be sleepy at night is making love to my wife.

6. Find good accessory for your bed room such as pillow, good down comforter, best mattress, etc
The most important thing I have learned about life is that health is more important than anything. Putting my health at risk for the sake of self-pride was irresponsible of me, and I am truly thankful for getting over my work addiction.
Thanks Terry
If you suffer from any of the above, there are many treatments that can help which are written about in other articles about how to fall asleep on this website. There are also posts from other people who have written about their experiences on sleep deprivation symptoms that you may find useful so please do give them a read! If you have any advice or a experience gained on your sleep problems, then feel free to contact us, and we will submit your story…

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Kids Bedding Bunk Beds For Kids

bunk-bedsBunk beds are a great way of sleeping two children in a room, while using the space of one bed. There are many fantastic bunk beds for kids that are a lot of fun and score points in the kids bedding department. But as with anything to do with young children, safety comes first and given the fact that the top-tier of a bunk bed is raised high above the ground, the potential for bunk bed accidents is there. So how can you ensure buying a bunk bed for young children is safe? Here are some safety steps to consider.

1. Ensure the child who sleeps in the top bunk is the eldest of the two, preferably between six and seven years of age. Statistics have shown that the majority of bunk bed accidents involve a child younger than six.

2. Ensure that the top bunk frame has a secure guard rail and that rail opening (where the child climbs up and down) is no wider than 15 inches in width. The guard rails should also be at least 5 inches higher than the bunk mattress.

3. Ensure that you children do not hang toys or clothes from the sides of the bed frame, especially anything that could potentially loop around a child’s neck or limbs and cause harm or even strangulation.

4. Do not screw anything into the bunk bed side. It can seem appealing to screw in a pencil holder, a hat hook or something similar, but these can potentially cut skin and cause harm, if someone loses balance while climbing up or down.

5. It is best to ensure that there is enough head space in the lower bunk so that your child does not accidentally hit their head. This also applies to the top kids bedding as well.

6. Do not place the bunk near a ceiling fan, light fixtures or any other electrical device on the ceiling. These can often be tempting targets for young children to throw things at, which as you can imagine is a less than ideal scenario.

7. The final guideline is that there should be zero tolerance in terms of jumping up and down, doubling up or any kind of horseplay on the top most bunk. You should make sure your kids are very clear on these rules. Additionally you should ensure that the top most bunk is strong and secure enough to bear additional weight… just in case.

These seven guidelines can ensure that a kids bedding is an item of safety and not misery. If you are still uncomfortable with the idea of a bunk bed and provided you have enough floor space for a second bed at night, then a trundle bed is another space-saving option that is low to the ground and should put to rest all safety concerns.

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